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iso- +‎ enhancement

  1. The quality of having the same level of enhancement.
    • 2004, Justin H. Howell, Star Formation Histories of Nearby Elliptical Galaxies, page 19:
      This age correction was calculated by linearly interpolating the offsets perpendicular to isoenhancement lines between models with ages of 3, 8, and 15 Gyr.
    • 2004, Dissertation Abstracts International:
      This technique enabled us to probe the direct interactions of the permeation enhancers with the rate-limiting domains of the SC and the partitioning enhancement of permeants in the intercellular lipids under isoenhancement conditions.
  2. (radiology) A middle level of enhancement, neither bright nor dim.
    • 2012, Ashton Acton, Issues in Medical Lasers, Imaging, and Devices Research and Application:
      ...definitely malignant on the basis of the enhancement pattern during the arterial phase and enhancement degree during the portal and late phases compared with the liver (hypoenhancement indicating malignant and isoenhancement to hyperenhancement indicating benign).
    • 2018, Konstantin Nikolaou, ‎Fabian Bamberg, ‎Andrea Laghi, Multislice CT, page 462:
      In contrast, 10–20% of HCCs, especially smaller (<20 mm) lesions, demonstrate hypoenhancement or isoenhancement in the arterial phase (Yoon et al. 2009; Lee et al. 2012; Matsui et al. 2011).