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Alternative forms[edit]


enhance +‎ -ment



enhancement (countable and uncountable, plural enhancements)

  1. An improvement or supplement that tends to increase a sense of esteem.
    Antonym: dehancement
    The original product, with its simplistic design, has undergone many enhancements over the years.
    • 2021 July 14, “Modern Images”, in RAIL, number 935, page 37, photo caption:
      Dawn mist rolling off the adjacent North Downs creates a sepia effect over the river with no need for digital enhancement.
  2. (radiology) The degree to which the image of a scan stands out as a bright area.
    • 2016, Nuzhat A. Ahmad, Management of Pancreatic Diseases:
      The enhancement characteristics of a PNET on CT may also have prognostic value, as lesions that hypoenhance on CT scan tend to have worse overall survival than lesions that are isoenhancing or hyperenhancing (5-year survival 54% vs 89% vs 93%).

Derived terms[edit]