ita vivam

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(Classical) IPA(key): /ˈi.ta ˈu̯iː.u̯am/, [ˈɪt̪ä ˈu̯iːu̯ä̃ˑ]


ita vīvam (not comparable)

  1. as true as I live, so may I live
    • Letters to friends (on Wikisource) by Cicero (text may be found here in Latin and English)
      Extrema pagella pupugit me tuo chirographo. Quid ais? Caesarem nunc defendit Curio? Quis hoc putaret, praeter me? Nam, ita vivam, putavi.
      Your last page, in your own handwriting, was like a dagger in my heart. What say you? Curio now standing up for Caesar? Who had ever expected it? No one but myself! For, as I live, I thought that would happen.