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Borrowed from Classical Nahuatl ihtacatl (provisions).


  • IPA(key): /itaˈkate/ [i.t̪aˈka.t̪e]
  • Rhymes: -ate
  • Syllabification: i‧ta‧ca‧te


itacate m (plural itacates)

  1. (Mexico) food provisions, rations
    Synonym: provisiones
    • 2011, Nacaveva, Caballero Halcón - los caballeros de Kukulkán: La rebelión de Xibalbá, Palibrio, page 13:
      Campo Florido iba muy nervioso caminando detrás del viejo, aunque era más joven y no iba cargado más que con su itacate, le era muy difícil seguir el paso del hombre.
      Campo Florido went very nervously walking behind the old man, even though he was younger and wasn’t burdened with anything more than his food provisions, it was very difficult for him to follow the man’s pace.
  2. (Mexico, by extension) suitcase

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