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Alternative forms[edit]


jailer +‎ -ess


jaileress (plural jaileresses)

  1. (obsolete) A female jailer.
    • 1870, Frances Eastwood, Geoffrey the Lollard[1], page 171:
      Sit down here, and let me cover you with my cloak, and we will eat the supper our good jaileresses have provided; we have had nothing since daybreak.
    • 1891, George Du Maurier, Peter Ibbetson[2], page 201:
      As I got near to the avenue gate, instead of the school on my left there was a prison ; and at the door a little thick -set jailer, three feet high and much deformed, and a little deformed jaileress no bigger than himself, were cunningly watching me out of the corners of their eyes, and toothlessly smiling.
    • 1910, The Chevalier de Maison Rouge[3], P F Collier & Son, translation of original by Alexandre Dumas, page 176:
      As she finished these words, Simon, who was then coming up, heard them, and saw the jaileress place in her pocket the money Maurice had given her.