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From jalousie +‎ -ed.


jalousied (not comparable)

  1. Fitted with jalousies (window slats).
    • 1820, Robert Jackson, A Sketch of the History and Cure of Febrile Diseases: More Particularly as They Appear in the West-Indies among the Soldiers of the British Army, London: Baldwin, Craddock & Joy, Volume 2, Chapter V, Section II, p. 221,[1]
      It is indispensable that the whole be well ventilated, the windows jalousied, reaching from the ceiling to the floor, made to open as folding doors so that the ventilation be free as if the roof rested only on pillars.
    • 1915, Mary Hunter Austin, The Man Jesus, London: Harper & Bros., Chapter, p. 35,[2]
      The light burned, the reader closed the roll of the Law, the leaders of the synagogues in the chief seats, facing the congregation, looked down their beards at their hands folded upon their knees; the women stirred faintly in the jalousied galleries; and the carpenter rose and sat in the seat of the reader.
    • 1961, V. S. Naipaul, A House for Mr Biswas, Vintage International, 2001, Part Two, Chapter 6,
      Lights went on downstairs, lit up the yard and reflected through the jalousied door into Mr Biswas’s room.
    • 1994, Marina Warner, “Magic zones”, London Review of Books, XVI.23:
      Some of the film is set in the jalousied interiors of Moorish bedrooms, or in desert cities such as Sana’a, with its towers of baked mud decorated with white scrolls and borders like piped icing.