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Alternative forms[edit]


jargon +‎ -ize


jargonize (third-person singular simple present jargonizes, present participle jargonizing, simple past and past participle jargonized)

  1. (intransitive) To speak or write using jargon.
    • 1982 Jan. 14, John Leonard, "Books of the Times" (book review of The Age of Desire by Joel Kovel), New York Times (retrieved 29 Nov 2012):
      He provokes, inspires, pontificates and jargonizes unto "hegemony" and "archaic parental imagos."
    • 2008 August 25, David Hare, How the BBC killed the TV play," Time Online (UK):
      [C]ontemporary BBC executives are far too busy jargonising to each other about delivery platforms and multichoice environments.
  2. (transitive) To convert into jargon; to express using jargon.
    • 1963 April 12, "Television: Selling Confusion," Time:
      But the committeemen were not to be diverted by the long-winded, jargonized explanations of the Nielsen modus operandi.
    • 1978 March 21, Karen Ogden, "Jargon, gobbelydegook, and other mumbo jumbo," The Star-Phoenix (Canada) (retrieved 29 Nov 2012):
      You can jargonize many words by adding "ize" to the end of them.

Derived terms[edit]