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jay +‎ bird


jaybird (plural jaybirds)

  1. A jay or blue jay.
    • 1894: Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer Abroad
      "When I say birds of a feather flocks together, it's a metaphorical way of saying -- "
      "But dey don't, Mars Tom. No, sir, 'deed dey don't. Dey ain't no feathers dat's more alike den a bluebird en a jaybird, but ef you waits till you catches dem birds together, you'll -- "
      "Oh, give us a rest! You can't get the simplest little thing through your thick skull. Now don't bother me any more."
  2. (US, colloquial) One who talks incessantly.
    Belinda was a jaybird and could prattle on for hours about the latest gossip.

Derived terms[edit]