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Alternative forms[edit]


Various theories exist. Probably from a Vulgar Latin root *iacium or *jacium, from Latin iaceō (I lie, recline); compare Italian diaccio (pen for sheep), Sicilian ghiazzu, jazzu (burrow; bed). The etymology traditionally and most commonly given is German Sitz (seat), through the Transylvanian Saxon intermediate Säts, Sätz, but there are some phonetic problems with this, and it does not explain the older variant forms jețiu or jățiu. Another theory was Latin sessus, but this is even less likely than the other two, and there is already another separate Romanian term derived from this word (cf. șes). The -l- present in the variant jilț is also of uncertain origin; it may have been influenced by German Sessel (chair), Slavic sĕdĕlo (compare Czech židilice), or Turkish jelse (a way of sitting). [1]


jeț n (plural jețuri)

  1. a large, tall, or high chair, similar to a throne
  2. armchair
  3. easy chair, lounge chair


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