jefe político

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Alternative forms[edit]


Spanish jefe político, from jefe (chief, leader) + político (political)


jefe político (plural jefe políticos or jefes políticos)

  1. governor of a province.
  2. police official (in Central America).
  3. (obsolete) right-hand man of a state governor (in Mexico).

Usage notes[edit]

Both the original Spanish plural jefes políticos and a more Anglicized plural jefe políticos are in use.

As jefe “chief” is the head noun, the form to be advocated by traditional grammar is jefes político (compare passers-by, brothers-in-law, etc.) but this form does not appear to be in wide use.


  • 1993, Knut Walter, The Regime of Anastasio Somoza [1]
    The jefe político even objected to the term concentración de masas, defining it as Marxist in its origins and therefore subversive.
  • 1995, Jeffrey L Gould, To Die in This Way [2]
    First, we see a high degree of deference to and dependence on the jefe político.
  • 1997, Don E Dumond, The Machete and the Cross [3]
    A fresh column of troops from the capital and a new jefe político restored some order, forcing Novelo to hide in the countryside.
  • 2000, Mark Pendergrast, Uncommon Grounds [4]
    The Indians sometimes petitioned the jefe políticos (governors) for help.
  • 2004, Francie R Chassen-Lopez, From Liberal to Revolutionary Oaxaca [5]
    In order to keep this peace, jefes políticos could call on armed forces to guarantee the state’s order and security.