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Alternative forms[edit]


jerk +‎ ass


jerkass (plural jerkasses)

  1. (slang, derogatory) An obnoxious or unlikeable person; a jerk.
    • 2003, Kim Corum, Heartbreaker[1], →ISBN, page 20:
      Breaking up is fairly easy. Sometimes you have a jerkass who won't take the hint.
    • 2006 May 4, Sam Machkovech, “Awards Anticipation”, in Dallas Observer[2]:
      Plus, we can always use a reminder that this city's music scene is plenty big, even if some teen jerkass from Washington doesn't think so.
    • 2006 September 15, Andrew O'Hehir, “The Last Kiss”, in[3]:
      Braff has never impressed me as an actor of significant range, and he still doesn't. But this is a careful, subtle performance [] Considering what Michael does -- embark on a hot-and-heavy flirtation with a college-age gamine he meets at a friend's wedding -- it would have been easy to make the character a cliché of noncommittal jerkass dudeliness.