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Alternative forms[edit]


jigga-jigga (uncountable)

  1. Sexual intercourse.
    • 2006, M.K. Organ, "Brickies: Working life at the Thirroul Brickworks 1972-1983", Illawarra Unity-Journal of the Illawarra Branch of the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History Volume 6, Issue 2 2006 Article 6
      [...] working in the coke ovens area with a memorable little Portuguese man whose conversation invariably focused on “jigga jigga” (sexual intercourse) and the intimate exploits of his fellow work mates.
    • 2006, David Lee, Nothing Rhymes with Silver 2, page 276
      She said that even though the door was shut she could hear enough to know that there was jigga-jigga going on. (This is a well-known slang expression among virtually all the Bantu tribes for 'fucking'.)