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Alternative forms[edit]


Blend of Jill (female given name, colloquial counterpart to Jack) + jackaroo.


jillaroo (plural jillaroos)

  1. (Australia) A female jackaroo, a woman who does the job of a jackaroo.
    • 2001, Vivienne Cleven, Bitin′ Back, author biography, title page,
      She left school at thirteen-years-of-age to work with her father as a jillaroo: building fences, mustering cattle, and working at various jobs on stations throughout Queensland and New South Wales.
    • 2007, Mia Balwyn, Australian Woman′s Survival Guide, page 18,
      You can also train to become a jillaroo through apprenticeship schemes at technical colleges (such as TAFE in New South Wales) or by attending a private jackeroo and jillaroo school.
    • 2007, Allan M. Nixon, Bush Aussies, unnumbered page,
      While John worked cattle full time, Rachael worked as a jillaroo part time and wrote part time. Her work saw her doing everything from cattle mustering to cleaning toilets.
    • 2008, Sara Dowse, Correspondence: Love & Money, Quarterly Essay, Issue 30, page 99,
      Only before daybreak was she allowed to get on a horse and do the things jillaroos are supposed to do, like rounding up cattle for the market.