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A variant of Gill, diminutive of Gillian, a medieval form of Juliana, ultimately from Latin.


Proper noun[edit]


  1. A female given name.
    • 1994, Floyd Skloot, Summer Blue, Story Line Press, →ISBN, page 98:
      "Just Jill, I'm afraid." "Would you prefer if it was Gillian?" "Oh, I think so. Gillian sounds so much fancier." "Fancy?" Terrence said. He smiled at her. "Or perhaps it sounds flashy?" "Royal," Richard said. "Flowery," Terrence added. "You could say Gillian was more flowery. That would fit. What about you, Corrie, what does it sound like to you?" "Rich," Corrie glanced at Jill. "Gillian sounds richer than Jill."
    1. Clipping of Jillian.
  2. Generic use for any female (as Sheila in Australian English), especially paired (since the 15th c., compare Ienken and Iulyan) with the male Jack.

Derived terms[edit]


Jill (plural Jills)

  1. A young woman; a sweetheart; like the variant spelling Gill it was also associated with various assertive uses of the term flirt, as in flirtgigg (used by William Shakespeare for a 'woman of light or loose behavior').
  2. A jillstrap: the female counterpart to a jockstrap.


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