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Etymology 1[edit]

By analogy with jack (off). See Jack (male name) and Jill (female name).


jill (third-person singular simple present jills, present participle jilling, simple past and past participle jilled)

  1. (uncommon, vulgar, slang, of a female) To masturbate.
    • 1997 June 21, 1st try. Sex with mom's friend (teenM/olderF), in alt.sex.stories, Usenet:
      Sue was fingering herself in my bed. IN MY BED. I couldn't believe it. I tried to pretend that I was still asleep but she caught me peeking as she was jilling herself.
    • 2002, Hanne Blank, Unruly Appetites: Erotic Stories, p. xiv:
      I jilled while babysitting, having found a cache of skeezy porno mags hidden at the bottom of a big basket of magazines in one family's master bathroom.
Derived terms[edit]

Etymology 2[edit]

From the female name Jill.


jill (plural jills)

  1. A female ferret.
    • 1971 March, Fred Taylor, “How the English hunt rabbits”, in Field & Stream[84], volume 75, number 11:
      Below ground, in the maze of tunnels excavated by the rabbits over many, many years, five of our jill, or bitch, ferrets were running loose[...]. A white jill popped out of the hole nearest me, slithered through the net mesh and disappeared down an adjacent entrance.
    • 2001, David Brian Plummer, In Pursuit of Coney[62], Coch Y Bonddu Books, →ISBN:
      In 1989 I obtained a hob from Curtis Price from one of my own jills mated to my own hob, for living as I do at the very edge of Britain it is not practicable to breed litters of ferrets to obtain a single replacement. Hence I lend out my best mated jills and receive a single ferret kitten from each litter.
    • 2006, Steve Caple, Rural Pest Control[9], Troubador Publishing Ltd., →ISBN:
      I prefer to use Jills on my ferreting jobs. All are fitted with transmitter collars, and I would never work a ferret without one. That said, I always make sure I have a large Hob ferret with me because sometimes he will shift stubborn rabbits where the Jills have failed.
Coordinate terms[edit]
  • hob (male ferret)

Etymology 3[edit]

From the female name Jill; paired with jack (from the male name Jack) as terms for alcohol measurements.


jill (plural jills)

  1. Misspelling of gill.