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From journalist +‎ -o (diminutive suffix).



journo (plural journos)

  1. (Britain, Australia, informal) A journalist.
    • 2000, Robert Bingham, Lightning on the Sun, page 34,
      He′d been packed in with all the other journos, standing out only in that he was taller than most and didn′t make as much noise.
    • 2003, USA International Business Publications, Afghanistan Business Law Handbook, page 254,
      Journos and scribes are officially welcomed by the Taliban and then never given visas to enter. The Red Cross needs Talib approval for all journos before you can book a flight.
    • 2004, Pam Austin, Bob Austin, Getting Free Publicity: The Secrets of Successful Press Relations, How To Books, Oxford, page 8,
      And we hope that all women journos will forgive us if, in these pages, we use the word ‘he’ as shorthand for ‘he/she’ when referring to members of the Fourth Estate.
    • 2007, Sara Voorhees, The Lumière Affair: A Novel of Cannes, Simon & Schuster, New York, page 22,
      TV journos consider print journos to be snobs who write for other print journos (and are therefore read by a Lilliputian portion of the population). Print journos believe TV journos to be cretins who are worshipped blindly by the lowest common denominator.
    • 2008 August 11, Namrata Joshi, Movie Review: Mission Istaanbul, Outlook, page 80,
      His nubile wife (Shriya Saran), also a TV journo, calls him names like “mouthpiece of terrorists”.