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From joy +‎ -some.


joysome (comparative more joysome, superlative most joysome)

  1. Marked by joy; joyful; joyous
    • 1972, Nicholas Polunin, The Environmental Future:
      Such and thousands more are the joysome architectures of nature in contrast to the hurtsome ones of man, but in the last instance they bring us back to the reality that much can be done by combining the forces of nature and those of man.
    • 1991, Joseph Haroutunian, ‎Jean or Dikran Hadidian, God With Us: A Theology of Transpersonal Life:
      But it is a grievous error to see self-sacrificing love in Jesus without remembering that what makes the self-giving of Jesus saving and joysome is the love that restores men to the joy of humanity by the recognition of man by man.
    • 1994, Moses ben Jacob Cordovero, ‎Ira Robinson, Moses Cordovero's Introduction to Kabbalah:
      There is yet a fourth color, the color of gold, which is common to Binah and Gevurah in the mystery of the joysome wine which proceeds to Gevurah from Binah.
    • 2003, Anne Edwards, Maria Callas:
      From then on, when speaking to other passengers, she referred to him as 'the Doctor', spoke rather disparagingly about the poor people travelling in steerage and warned Jackie, a joysome, pretty six-year-old, still unaware that her stumbling was caused by myopic vision, not to go into that section of the ship for fear that she might become infested with lice.
    • 2005, James E. Person, Earl Hamner: From Walton's Mountain to Tomorrow:
      Oh, this is a fair place to spend eternity. The air smells like honeysuckle. The wind in the pine trees makes a joysome sound.
    • 2007, Melvin L. Silberman, The Handbook of Experiential Learning:
      Try to keep the testing time to a joysome minimum so that the people these holes are purportedly being designed for can play, too.
    • 2010, Mavalli G. Ramu, Love of Life:
      Children in bubbling charm / Said "Freedom is joysome / For we play it in a rhythm"!
    • 2011, Anne Punton, The House That Jack Built:
      The house still exudes a joysome, wholesome feeling.