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joystick waggler (plural joystick wagglers)

  1. (video games, informal) A video game, usually based on a sport, where the player must build up and maintain speed or energy by rapidly moving the joystick back and forth.
    • 1992, Jon Pillar, Popeye III (game review) in Your Sinclair 83, November 1992
      Popeye 3 is an out-and-out joystick waggler. While Zeppelin's Tag Team Wrestling used the old 'press fire with a direction' control method, to beat your opponent in Popeye 3, you have two stages of frenetic wrist-mangling.
    • 1998, "Mike Fairweather", International cricket captain, opinions wanted (on newsgroup
      It's not an exact simulation and it's not a joystick waggler. It is basically CM2 for cricket.
    • 2003, "Nomenluni", What Speccy game should have been in the arcade? (on newsgroup comp.sys.sinclair)
      Could be wrong but I'm sure T&F and several of the other give-the-controls-a-good-twatting games were actually button bashers rather than joystick wagglers. Bit picky I know.....