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From Afrikaans juk (yoke) + skei (yoke-pin).


jukskei (countable and uncountable, plural jukskeis)

  1. (South Africa, uncountable) A traditional game similar to quoits played by throwing the skei at the yoke.
    • This project identified jukskei as one of seven indigenous games [] A Jukskei playing field consists of two playing areas juxtaposed [] [1]
    • To celebrate the establishment of a living Pioneer Museum as well as the construction of the ‘jukskei’ and ‘kennetjie’ courts which will indeed ensure that the Voortrekker Monument Heritage Site is a living heritage site, a ‘boeresport’ day is being organized for 24 August 2002. Several events, such as ‘jukskei’, bok-bok’, ‘skilpadtrek’, ‘haanskop’, ‘kennetjie’, egg tossing, ‘giffie’, ‘stoktrek’ and sack races have been planned. [2]
  2. (South Africa, countable) One of the wooden pins thrown in the game of jukskei.