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katsos Optative present tense of the second singular person

  1. Look, "take a look".
    • Katsos tuotakin.
      • Take a look of that, too.
  2. See, "you see".
    • Tarkoitin sillä vain hyvää, katsos.
      • I meant only good with it, you see.

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A Hellenic Verb Stem, too

Katsos is also a Hellenic family name derived, during the period of the Ottoman Occupation of Greece and prior to the Greek Revolution, from the Turkish word Kacak meaning a "fugitive, to flee,ect." or Klepht(mountain guerrilla)in the Greek. The Katsos Clan or family was found in the mountains of Morea,Epiros and Thessally. The Turkish verb stem Kac is in front of similar words having the same meaning(ie: to flee,runaway, deserter,smuggled contraband,escape,illegal,ect.)--Doxapatris 14:51, 20 July 2009 (UTC)