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kicky-wicky (plural kicky-wickies)

  1. Spouse.
    • 1601–1608, William Shakespeare, All’s Well That Ends Well, act ii, scene 3
      Parolles: He wears his honour in a box, unseen / That hugs his kicky-wicky here at home / Spending his manly marrow in her arms
    • 1909, W. J. M. Starkie, The Acharnians of Aristophanes, Macmillan and co., page 209
      What a laughable request the bride urges so earnestly !—to wit, that her kicky-wicky may bide cosily at home.
    • 1991, Patrick O'Brian, The Fortune of War, W. W. Norton & Company, →ISBN, page 195
      ‘And pray what is the significance of kicky-wicky?’
      Jack took it and his face grew paler still with anger: this was...a most private letter
    • 1986, James L. Calderwood, The Properties of Othello, →ISBN, page 77
      Manly marrow must be protected at all costs: expend it on kicky-wickies and you will not only lose your masculinity but very likely become somewhat kicky-wicky yourself.