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kid +‎ -hood


kidhood (usually uncountable, plural kidhoods)

  1. (informal) childhood
    I went away back to my kidhood and remembered the hot biscuit sopped in sorghum and bacon gravy with partiality and respect. — O. Henry.
    • 2008 March 23, Ron Powers, “Penny Dreadfuls”, in New York Times[1]:
      It suggests how deeply the comics had implanted themselves in kidhood consciousness in only their second decade as a normative pop-cultural universe; how shocking and yet irresistible we found each new and more subversive permutation; and how recklessly indifferent to adult America’s ever hardening hostility were the wild misfit artists who, even as I buckled under Superduperman’s (and Lois’s) seditious antics, were dancing into the flames of self-destruction.