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knock-on + effect


knock-on effect (plural knock-on effects)

  1. (British) A secondary, often unintended effect; a repercussion, chain reaction.
    If a coach arrives late, it has a knock-on effect on the entire coach station.
    • 2007, March 24th, The Economist magazine, page 51:
      There are various knock-on effects [to the international boycott of the Palestinian government]. PA [Palestinian Authority] services, particularly health and education, have deteriorated sharply because of supply shortages and strikes by workers. Much of the time hospitals have been seeing only emergency cases.
    • 2020 September 9, Paul Clifton, “SWR unveils £1bn 'Arterios' for the "heart of our network"”, in Rail, page 26:
      The Crossrail trains were delivered on time, but there was a long software integration period. That had a knock-on effect on the other orders.


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