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From knuckle +‎ -some.


knucklesome (comparative more knucklesome, superlative most knucklesome)

  1. (literally and figuratively) Characterised or marked by knuckle(s); knuckly
    • 2011, Karen Russell, Swamplandia!:
      He was wearing his high school ring, a Florida ring, an ugly garnet stone with a turd shape engraved on it—a manatee, the high school mascot— which caused Kiwi to look down at his own naked, knucklesome fingers in alarm.
    • 2015, Dave Bassett, ‎Wally Downes, The Crazy Gang:
      It was in my early non-league days at Hayes, Wycombe Wanderers and Hendon where I learned my more knucklesome trade.