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koppava (comparative koppavampi, superlative koppavin)

  1. haughty, uppity, snooty, brassy


Inflection of koppava (Kotus type 10/koira, no gradation)
nominative koppava koppavat
genitive koppavan koppavien
partitive koppavaa koppavia
illative koppavaan koppaviin
singular plural
nominative koppava koppavat
accusative nom. koppava koppavat
gen. koppavan
genitive koppavan koppavien
partitive koppavaa koppavia
inessive koppavassa koppavissa
elative koppavasta koppavista
illative koppavaan koppaviin
adessive koppavalla koppavilla
ablative koppavalta koppavilta
allative koppavalle koppaville
essive koppavana koppavina
translative koppavaksi koppaviksi
instructive koppavin
abessive koppavatta koppavitta
comitative koppavine
Possessive forms of koppava (type koira)
possessor singular plural
1st person koppavani koppavamme
2nd person koppavasi koppavanne
3rd person koppavansa
Only used with substantive adjectives, -inen adjectives used for comparisons of equality or agent participles.