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krona +‎ -a


kröna (present kröner, preterite krönte, supine krönt, imperative krön)

  1. to crown; to place a crown on the head of
  2. to crown, to coronate; to formally declare (someone) a king, emperor, or queen; to queen (to make a queen)
  3. to mark or stamp with a crown (a Swedish certification that scales in shops are calibrated)
  4. to peak, to mark the top, peak, or crest (e.g. of a career)
    En magnifik karriär kröntes i VM-finalen 1998 på Stade de France med två mål och VM-guld.
    A magnificent career peaked in the world cup finals at Stade de France by two goals and the gold medal.

Usage notes[edit]

  • In English the career peaks, in Swedish the achievements kröner the career.
  • The noun krön (crest) is a late 18th century loan from Dutch, and not the basis for any meaning of this word.


Related terms[edit]