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Alternative forms[edit]


k +‎ thx +‎ bye, literally OK thanks bye



  1. (Internet slang) Used to express (as though facetiously polite) the dismissive or abrupt end of a conversation, statement, etc.
    • 2006, Karina, “But What Man Can Tame Her?”, in PC Gamer[1], volume 13, numbers 7-9 (letter to the editor):
      Once they tell me that rubbish, it's, "Date's over, kthxbye."
    • 2008, Robin Benway, Audrey, Wait![2], Razorbill (2008), →ISBN:
      “Your 15 minutes are up, Audrey. kthxbye.”
    • 2011 March 8, Will Hagle, “Festival sales could save the failing live music industry”, in Daily Trojan[3], University of Southern California:
      Much to the dismay of those who failed to acquire tickets quickly enough, the festival’s verified Twitter account cockily announced, “no we don’t have any passes left to release, kthxbye.”