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kuiva (dry) +‎ kakku (cake)


  • Rhymes: -ɑkːu
  • Hyphenation: kui‧va‧kak‧ku



  1. A type of non-layered dry cake, often but not necessarily a bundt cake.

Usage notes[edit]

  • In Finnish, cakes are usually named according to their ingredients, not their shape. The term kuivakakku however refers to the texture of the cake, and such cakes are often baked in a bundt pan (which has given the English name to the bundt cake), but also a straight mould may be used. A kuivakakku may also be called maustekakku, tiikerikakku, sokerikakku, sitruunakakku, and even hiekkakakku depending on its taste or appearance.


Inflection of kuivakakku (Kotus type 1/valo, kk-k gradation)
nominative kuivakakku kuivakakut
genitive kuivakakun kuivakakkujen
partitive kuivakakkua kuivakakkuja
illative kuivakakkuun kuivakakkuihin
singular plural
nominative kuivakakku kuivakakut
accusative nom. kuivakakku kuivakakut
gen. kuivakakun
genitive kuivakakun kuivakakkujen
partitive kuivakakkua kuivakakkuja
inessive kuivakakussa kuivakakuissa
elative kuivakakusta kuivakakuista
illative kuivakakkuun kuivakakkuihin
adessive kuivakakulla kuivakakuilla
ablative kuivakakulta kuivakakuilta
allative kuivakakulle kuivakakuille
essive kuivakakkuna kuivakakkuina
translative kuivakakuksi kuivakakuiksi
instructive kuivakakuin
abessive kuivakakutta kuivakakuitta
comitative kuivakakkuineen

Rarely, both parts of the word are declined:

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