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From kultur +‎ be- +‎ rik +‎ -are, an enricher of culture. Used by immigration-critical Swedes as a mockery of Swedish politically correct media ("hån mot svensk pk-media").[1] Originally (as "Kulturträger" or "Kulturbereicherer") used by German propaganda during the first world war to reference French soldiers from Africa[2], later used by Adolf Hitler about Jews.[3]


kulturberikare c

  1. (derogatory, slang) an immigrant (often one who commits a crime, where the crime is satirically described as a "cultural enrichment")


Inflection of kulturberikare
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative kulturberikare kulturberikaren kulturberikare kulturberikarna
Genitive kulturberikares kulturberikarens kulturberikares kulturberikarnas


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