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Taken from a nonsense word (supposedly meaning "A big, dumb, balding North American ape with no chin and a short temper") used in the 1990 episode "Bart the Genius" of the TV show The Simpsons.


kwyjibo (plural kwyjibos)

  1. A particular yo-yo trick.
    • 1999, "mike", pocket rocket.... (on newsgroup
      On the Kwyjibo.... On steps 2-4, I've been raising my left (free) hand, swinging the yo overto[sic] the right and then bringing my right hand over under it.
    • 2000, "Allen MacInnis", Anyone know how to sleep a yo-yo for a long time?? (on newsgroup
      I have been yo-yoing for just over 1 year now, I have just recently learned kwyjibo, white buddha, and other tricks but I can't sleep a yo-yo for over a minute, without an amazing throw []


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