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Photograph of a national yo-yo champion in Chico, California

Formerly a trademark. Most likely from Ilocano yóyo.



yo-yo (plural yo-yos)

  1. A toy consisting of a spheroidal or cylindrical spindle having a circular groove in which string is wound; it is used by holding the string in the fingers and reeling the spindle up and down by movements of the wrist.
    I bought a yo-yo from the toy store yesterday.
  2. (finance) A volatile market that moves up and down.
  3. (informal) Someone who vacillates.
  4. (informal) A foolish, annoying or incompetent person.
    It is hard to watch the management for very long and not conclude that the place is run by a bunch of yo-yos.



yo-yo (third-person singular simple present yo-yos, present participle yo-yoing, simple past and past participle yo-yoed)

  1. (intransitive) To vacillate; to move up and down.

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