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lack +‎ laughter


lack-laughter (comparative more lack-laughter, superlative most lack-laughter)

  1. (obsolete) Cheerless; sombre; serious.
    • 1771, Horne, John, The Controversial Letters of John Wilkes, Esq., the Rev. John Horne, and Their Principal Adherents, page 153:
      The lack-laughter sangfroid of the parſon was the conſtant topic of his ridicule, and he complained that whenever I appeared I caſt a gloom over the mirth of his company.
    • 1850, Blackie, John Stuart, transl., “Agamemnon”, in The Lyrical Dramas of Æschylus, volume 1, translation of original by Aeschylus, page 48:
      [] many force / Lack-laughter faces to relax / Into the soft lines traced by joy.