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Alternative forms[edit]


lady +‎ -fy


ladyfy (third-person singular simple present ladyfies, present participle ladyfying, simple past and past participle ladyfied)

  1. (transitive) To make ladylike.
  2. (transitive) To bestow the title of Lady on (a woman).
    • 1632, Massinger, Philip, “The City Madam”, in Gifford, William, editor, The Plays of Philip Massinger[1], Act 4, Scene 4, published 1845, page 400:
      Your father was / An honest country farmer, goodman Humble. / By his neighbours ne'er call'd Master. Did your pride / Descend from him? but let that pass: your fortune, / Or rather your hunsband's industry, advanced you / To the rank of a merchant's wife. He made a knight, / And your sweet mistress-ship ladyfied,