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From Dutch leeg, replaces older leidig.


laeg ‎(comparative laegder, superlative laegs, predicative superlative 't laegs)

  1. empty
  2. dry
  3. dead


Masculine Feminine Neutral
Singular Plural Singular Plural Singular Plural
nominative laege laeg laeg laeg laeg laeg
genitive laegs laeger laeger laeger laegs laeger
locative laeges laeges laeges laeges laeges laeges
vocative² laeg laeg laeg laeg laeg laeg
dative¹ laege laegen laeger laegen laeg laegen
accusative¹ laege laegen laeg laeg laeg laegen
  • Dative and accusative are nowadays obsolete, use nominative instead.
  • Vocative only exists for about ten words.