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From lake +‎ lore.


lakelore (uncountable)

  1. The knowledge of local conditions on a lake; the traditions and customs of life on a lake; the history of life on a lake.
    • 1953, The Wonderful World of Ohio
      Many people today, with only a limited amount of time to go fishing each year, have little or no time to spend studying streamcraft or lakelore.
    • 1973, Milner, Bruce, Lakelore : a History of the Fishing Industry Along the North Shore of Lake Erie, Simcoe, Ont. : Norfolk School of Agriculture
    • 1977, Harry B. Barrett, Port Dover Board of Trade, Lakelore: Produced by the Port Dover Board of Trade to Welcome the Great Lakes Fish Exposition to Port Dover, July 15, 16, 17, 1977
    • 1978, Haryati Soebadio-Noto Soebagio, Carinne A. du Marchie Sarvaas, Dynamics of Indonesian history, North-Holland, page 45
      Therefore it is not surprising that little lakelore has developed and that most of the fertility ceremonies are connected with agriculture and almost none with fishing.