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lally (plural lallies)

  1. (Polari, usually in the plural) Leg
    • 1967, Kenneth Horne, Bona Bijou Tourettes (Round the Horne), season 3, episode 12:
      Divine. Sitting, sipping a tiny drinkette, vadaïng the great butch omis and dolly little palones trolling by, or disporting yourself on the sable plage getting your lallies all bronzed - your riah getting bleached by the soleil.
    • 2011 October 25, “Ramblings: Fantabulosa”, in Gayboy, Interrupted[1]:
      I'll uncross my lallies, runa comb through my riah, rearrange the expression on my eke and troll off for a mince round to vada the bona omis.
    • 2013 May 29, Tebbutt, Gerry, Twitter[2]:
      @bonnie_langford yes very lucky that the bona lallies are still hoofing
    • 2015 October 12, Lowe, Adam, “Poem of the week: Vada That”, in The Guardian[3]:
      Aunt nell the patter flash and gardy loo! / Bijou, she trolls, bold on lallies / slick as stripes down the Dilly.

Derived terms[edit]