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From Hawaiian lānai.


lanai (plural lanais)

  1. (chiefly Hawaii, Florida) A Hawaiian-style roofed patio.
    • 1953, Raymond Chandler, The Long Goodbye, Penguin 2010, p. 22:
      ‘If they vomit in the lanai, that's for the butler to handle.’
    • 2007, March 11, “Tracie Rozhon”, in To Have, Hold and Cherish, Until Bedtime[1]:
      In Honolulu, Nancy Peacock, an architect, said her clients increasingly requested “punees,” as daybeds are known in Hawaii — sometimes on the lanai, the covered porch of the house.
    • 2012, Julia Flynn Siler, Lost Kingdom, Grove Press, page 158:
      Afterward, Lili‘u and Stevenson found time to talk quietly with each other on the bungalow's lānai.