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land +‎ holding


landholding (plural landholdings)

  1. A piece of property (land) that is held (owned).
    Synonym: landhold
    • 1990, Vermeer, Eduard B., Development and Decline of Fukien Province in the 17th and 18th Centuries[1], →ISBN, LCCN 90-43720, OCLC 1015072155, page 97:
      Thus the unendurable burden on the temples was lightened. For instance, the annual surtaxes of Buddhist temples' landholdings of Hsia-p'u county which had amounted to 515 taels in the late Ming dropped to 309 taels after Ch'ien-lung's edict, and to 229 taels soon afterwards.
  2. The state or practice of owning land.