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language +‎ -ist


languagist (plural languagists)

  1. A linguist; one who is proficient in languages.
    • 1871, Victoria Rybot, Half a dozen daughters, page 124:
      "Oh dear, dear!" said Miss Crocky, admiringly, " he is such a languagist ; isn't he, Miss Norah? I tell him he's thrown away here. His place is at courts, I'm sure."
    • 1912, Sara White Isaman, Sophisticating Uncle Hiram, page 223:
      'French ain't a hurtin' me,' says I, 'it's my English, I guess their French is mostly like that Pasadena woman's Herman's wife was a tellin' me about. Herself an' all her friends thought she was a fine French languagist, an' when she went into a restaurant in Paris the only way she could make the French waiter understand she wanted bread an' butter was a pintin' to it, an' then pintin' to her mouth.'
    • 2012, Frank O'Neill, Georgia Bound, →ISBN:
      "Now you just get ahold of yourself, lady, and tell me what's going on. In English. I ain't no languagist, you hear?”
  2. One who discriminates on the basis of language use.
    • 1966, The Literary Criterion - Volume 7, Issue 3, page 76:
      They can do with these all that the languagists claim to do, and more — save English for our children for, by the way they teach English the lifeblood has escaped, only the skeleton remains.
    • 1982, Z. Anthony Kruszewski, ‎Richard L. Hough, ‎& Jacob Ornstein-Galicia, Politics and Society in the Southwest: Ethnicity and Chicano Pluralism:
      Identifying and curbing the activity of such ethnocentric languagist functionaries ought to rank high among Chicano political priorities .