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latīnus (feminine latīna, neuter latīnum, adverb latīnē); first/second-declension adjective

  1. Alternative letter-case form of Latīnus


First/second-declension adjective.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
Nominative latīnus latīna latīnum latīnī latīnae latīna
Genitive latīnī latīnae latīnī latīnōrum latīnārum latīnōrum
Dative latīnō latīnō latīnīs
Accusative latīnum latīnam latīnum latīnōs latīnās latīna
Ablative latīnō latīnā latīnō latīnīs
Vocative latīne latīna latīnum latīnī latīnae latīna



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    • the expression is not in accordance with Latin usage: aliquid a consuetudine sermonis latini abhorret, alienum est
    • pure, correct Latin: incorrupta latini sermonis integritas (Brut. 35. 132)
    • good Latin: sermo latinus (opp. sermo parum latinus) (cf. sect. VII. 2., note For the use of adverbs...)
    • to translate from Greek into Latin: aliquid e graeco in latinum (sermonem) convertere, vertere, transferre
    • what follows has been translated into Latin from Plato's Phaedo: ex Platonis Phaedone haec in latinum conversa sunt
    • (ambiguous) to render something into Latin: aliquid (graeca) latine reddere or sermone latino interpretari
    • (ambiguous) Roman literature: litterae latinae
    • (ambiguous) acquainted with the Latin language: latinis litteris or latine doctus
    • (ambiguous) a good Latin scholar: bene latine doctus or sciens
    • (ambiguous) to write expositions of philosophy in Latin: philosophiam latinis litteris illustrare (Acad. 1. 1. 3)
    • (ambiguous) (1) to speak Latin, (2) to speak good Latin (also bene latine), (3) to express oneself clearly: latine loqui (Brut. 45. 166)
    • (ambiguous) to know Latin: latinam linguam scire or didicisse
    • (ambiguous) to know Latin: latine scire
    • (ambiguous) to write treatises in Latin: latine commentari
    • (ambiguous) to render something into Latin: aliquid (graeca) latine reddere or sermone latino interpretari
    • (ambiguous) to write good Latin: latine scribere (Opt. Gen. Or. 2. 4)
    • (ambiguous) to introduce a new word into the Latin language: inducere novum verbum in latinam linguam
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