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lauta +‎ kunta

Alternative forms[edit]

  • ltk (abbreviation)



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  1. (Finland) In municipal government, a committee appointed by the municipal council, which has the authority to make decisions within an agenda specified by the law and the municipal council concerned; sometimes also translated into English as board.
    koululautakunta = school committee, school board
  2. Any committee, board, jury or similar to which the nominating organization has decided to give that name.


Inflection of lautakunta (Kotus type 10/koira, nt-nn gradation)
nominative lautakunta lautakunnat
genitive lautakunnan lautakuntien
partitive lautakuntaa lautakuntia
illative lautakuntaan lautakuntiin
singular plural
nominative lautakunta lautakunnat
accusative nom. lautakunta lautakunnat
gen. lautakunnan
genitive lautakunnan lautakuntien
partitive lautakuntaa lautakuntia
inessive lautakunnassa lautakunnissa
elative lautakunnasta lautakunnista
illative lautakuntaan lautakuntiin
adessive lautakunnalla lautakunnilla
ablative lautakunnalta lautakunnilta
allative lautakunnalle lautakunnille
essive lautakuntana lautakuntina
translative lautakunnaksi lautakunniksi
instructive lautakunnin
abessive lautakunnatta lautakunnitta
comitative lautakuntineen

Compound terms[edit]

Usage notes[edit]

See usage notes under kunnanhallitus