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lava +‎ fall


lavafall (plural lavafalls)

  1. A cascade of lava.
    • 1989, Peter W. Birkeland & Edwin E. Larson, Putnam's Geology, Oxford University Press (1989), ISBN 9780195055177, page 254:
      They may flow down river beds with velocities approaching those of the rivers; where there are sharp irregularities, the lavas plunge over them in lavafalls.
    • 2008, Rosaly M. C. Lopes & Michael W. Carroll, Alien Volcanoes, John Hopkins University Press (2008), ISBN 9780801886737, page 37:
      The scene portrayed an immense volcano birthing a Yosemite-esque lavafall.
    • 2011, Lego Ninjago: Official Guide, Scholastic (2011), ISBN 9780545362580, page 88:
      Glowing hot rivers of lava bisect the landscape, leading to a stunning lavafall.
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