le sigh

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Used by Pepé Le Pew, stereotypically French skunk character in Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons; combination of French le (the) and English sigh.


le sigh

  1. (informal, humorous, chiefly Internet) A sigh of longing or disappointment.
    • 2000, "Austin Creations", What if? (on Internet newsgroup alt.crafts.professional)
      I would also fly business class instead of in the cattle section.. *le sigh* I hate those small seats. Even though I lost weight, I swear the "economy" section of the plane has been getting smaller and smaller.
    • 2014, Karen Templeton, Santa's Playbook, Harlequin (→ISBN), page 37
      Amber Fortunato. Big hair, bigger boobs, Daddy owned a BMW dealership. 'Nuff said. “But her boyfriend? The dude who's playing Scrooge's nephew? What's his name?” Juliette's cheeks prickled. “Scott Jenkins?” she said, staring really hard at the first problem. She'd paid attention in class, honest to God, but she still didn't get it. “Yeah, Scott. He is so frickin' cute. I could totally lick ice cream from those dimples. And those blue eyes... Le sigh.”