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From Middle English leveles, equivalent to leaf +‎ -less.


leaveless (not comparable)

  1. Without leaves; leafless
    • Carew, verses prefatory to Sandy's Psalms
      Then I no more shall court the verdant bay,
      But the dry leaveless trunk on Golgotha.
    • 2013, M. Böhmer, ‎M. Kucera, Prospecting and Exploration of Mineral Deposits:
      The samples are quartered and are further divided, e.g. into needles, leaves and leaveless twigs.
    • 2014, Jonathan Garmon, The Legend of Wolves:
      It's almost noon. Arko left the area and entered the forest to hunt with the rest of the wolves. The area seemed pretty dead. Many leaveless trees. No bird chirping or leaves chattering. Arko was worried that they were going to fail the mission.