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left +‎ -wise


leftwise (not comparable)

  1. (rare) By a leftward path; leftwards, leftwardly; anticlockwise, counterclockwise.
    • 1890, G. C. Macaulay, The History of Herodotus, translated into English:
      and doing so they say that they do it themselves rightwise and the Hellenes leftwise.
    • 2004, Christian P. Robert, George Casella, Monte Carlo statistical methods, page 336:
      Similarly, his "doubling procedure" consists in the same random starting interval [] whose length is doubled (leftwise or rightwise at random) recursively till both ends are outside the slice.



  1. (rare) Leftward, on the left side.
    • 2006, Arne Røkkum, Nature, ritual, and society in Japan's Ryukyu Islands, page 151:
      The leftwise action aims at what drifts out of the nunka domain of the nefarious. Similarly for mortuary arrangements, what is leftwise is more momentous than what is rightwise.

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