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  1. (adjective prefix) -est, most, -most. Used to form the superlative. Mostly from comparative adjectives, forms already suffixed with -(a/e/o)bb (altogether functioning like a circumfix); occasionally from the lemma itself.
    zöld (green)zöldebb (greener)legzöldebb (greenest)

Usage notes[edit]

The adjectives that form their superlative without the ‑(a/e/o)bb suffix, i.e. directly from the positive (lemma) form, are certain directional or locational adjectives:

felső (top)legfelső (topmost)
belső (inner)legbelső (innermost)

Other examples include legalsó, legkülső, legszélső, legelső, legutolsó, and leghátsó.

Some have an alternative form with ‑(a/e/o)bb, often with a different sense, like legfelsőbb bíróság (Supreme Court, as opposed to literal “topmost”).

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