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leptosporangiate (not comparable)

  1. (botany) That has sporangia that were each formed from a single epidermal cell; of, pertaining to, or characteristic of leptosporangiate ferns.
    • 1900, Robert Wilson Smith, Structure and Development of Sporangia and Sporophylls of Isoetes, page 330,
      [] which being leptosporangiate cannot be closely related to Isoetes, the sporangia appear late in the history of the leaf.
    • 1908, Frederick Orpen Bower, The Origin of a Land Flora, page 639,
      In fact, it seems that in the Primary rocks the distinctive Leptosporangiate annulus was at least rare, if it existed at all.
    • 1922, John Merle Coulter, Sir Humphry Davy, M.S. Coulter, The Collected Works of Sir Humphry Davy: Discourses Delivered before the Royal Society: Elements of Agricultural Chemistry, Part 1, page 264,
      Most of his material, which includes a variety of leptosporangiate species, was obtained from greenhouses.

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