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Coined by Levi Budd, from his name Levi +‎ -drome by analogy with palindrome.[1]




levidrome (plural levidromes)

  1. (neologism) A word with a different definition when the spelling is reversed.
    • 2017 October 15, Jack Knox, “This Budd’s for you, and he loves a ‘levidrome’”, in Times Colonist[2], retrieved 28 January 2018:
      One classmate offered up "part" and "trap" as a levidrome on Friday.
    • 2017 November 21, Camille Bains, “Six-year-old Victoria boy’s invented word gets support from William Shatner, Patricia Arquette”, in The Star[3]:
      She always says to him, ‘You got any good levidromes for me today?’ The other day he said, ‘Yeah, I got stressed and desserts. And drawer and reward.’”
    • 2018 January 29, “B.C. boy's invented word gaining traction, celebrity endorsements”, in CTV News[4]:
      Since then, the levidrome has been gaining traction around the world. The Budd family has been inundated with pictures of school projects where students find levidromes.
    • 2019 January 17, RJ Andrews, Info We Trust: How to Inspire the World with Data[5], page 53:
      Wherever sequential alphabets gained power, cultures became more transfixed by linear time. Change the order of the letters, and you get a new meaning: canoe is never mistaken for its anagram ocean. Map is not the same as its levidrome Pam.



  1. ^ Jack Knox (15 October 2017), “This Budd’s for you, and he loves a ‘levidrome’”, in Times Colonist[1]