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lexi- +‎ -graph



lexigraph (plural lexigraphs)

  1. A lexigram or ideograph, a graphical depiction of a single word.
    • 2006, Noël J. Nickson and Laurence E. R. Picken, Music from the Tang Court: Some Ancient Connections Explored [1], →ISBN, page 50:
      "Be that as it may, it is certain that the lexigraph for hayashi is not a Japanese creation, but a nowadays-forgotten Chinese character..."
    • 2006, James A.W. Heffernan, "Speaking for Pictures" in Writing and Seeing: Essays on Word and Image [2], →ISBN, page 43:
      "He does not want them to be read as we might read a lexigraph, a postmodern painting of words such as Joseph Kosuth's red..."

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