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lienee (plural lienees)

  1. (law) One who has right of possession of goods but not right of property; the registered owner.
    • 1910, Georgia Supreme Court, Georgia Court of Appeals, West Publishing Company, North Carolina Supreme Court, South Carolina Supreme Court, West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, The Southeastern Reporter, Volume 65, page 443,
      The warrant failed to allege that the cotton was sold “without the written consent of the lienee.”
    • 1940, Australian Parliament, Parliamentary Debates, Volume 4, page 2602,
      But the position is that lienees are still protected and will be under this Bill which will not apply until the harvest of 1941.
    • 2004, Peter Gillies, Business Law, 12th Edition, The Federation Press, Australia, page 722,
      The lienee has no right of sale in relation to the goods (in the absence of a provision in an express contractual lien conferring a power of sale).
    • 2007, Robert Bradgate, Fidelma White, Commercial Law, page 329,
      The right can only be exercised where the lienee has:
      (i) given notice to the bailor of his intention to sell goods; or
      (ii) taken reasonable steps to trace or communicate with the bailor but failed.


Coordinate terms[edit]





  1. Third-person singular potential present form of olla.
    Hän lienee hieman sekaisin.
    S/he is probably a bit out of his/her mind.